A random tree



I stand beside tree and listen

I notice sounds without judgement

I notice the hishhh of leaves above me, joining the wider hoshhh of the whole forest

I notice the chshcshhchshscshshshhshs of traffic, quite far away

I notice the schawwww of airplane above.

I notice the fainter cshshcshshchs of traffic on a different road.

I notice the schshhhshticticticshhhticktiktik tik ik shhwhh of rain droplets falling from the higher branches onto leaves below.

I notice the location of each sound as much as I notice their quality.

I notice that all these sounds are quite similar.

I notice the entire soundscape is made up of different, but similar layers of noise. I notice how these separate layers relate to each other.

I open my mouth and breath deeply, with sound. I make sound on the inhale as well as the exhale.

I focus on one of the layers I can hear, and shape my mouth to copy it as I breathe audibly.

I make sure to be quiet enough that I can hear both my breath and the layer simultaneously.

I breathe and listen.

After a while, I choose another layer, and change my mouth shape to copy that sound.
I listen and notice.
I notice different parts of my throat and mouth are engaged as I focus on the new sound.

When I focus on the airplane, I activate my voice to copy the plane.

When I focus on the rain droplets, I texture my breath percussively, engaging different parts of my throat, mouth and lips.

I don’t think too much about the sound I make. I listen, notice and breathe.

I continue. My breath is wind.

I continue.

I listen.

I breathe. I notice.

The images begin, if they will.