The XXXX is not a work of art (11)

According to Wikipedia—

Following World War II, XXXXXX XXXXXs were commonly used as a landscaping and street XXXX in suburban housing developments and cities due to their rapid growth, especially as a replacement for the blighted XXXXXXXX XXX. However, they fell out of favor for this purpose because of their brittle XXXX, unattractive form when not pruned or trained, and tendency to produce large numbers of volunteer XXXXXXXXs. Today the XXXX has fallen so far out of favor that some towns and cities have banned its use as a street XXXX.

Indeed this XXXX and the smaller specimens in this grouping all have split trunks. There are at least three volunteer XXXXXXXXs growing in a nearby flower bed, each two or three feet tall. I believe all three XXXXXXXXs are new this year.

The XXXX is not a work of art.

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