A random tree

Day 5: Saturday, 29 August 2020

Clean woodpile

Weather: Damp, windy

Yesterday’s woodpile drawing has gone.

The drawing-meditation kind of blurred with the tree-meditation today. I was still thinking about the movement of the branches, still using the calligraphy brush, but back to the 2020 unfiltered elderberry ink. I did three drawings again – one a swift sketch of a single branch on cold-pressed watercolour paper

29 August drawing meditation

then another version of the first on a piece of wood from the woodpile which didn’t really show up in the paler ink; then a layered up sketch, on hot-pressed watercolour paper, of overall movement of branches and leaves, the first layer made before the meditation, the second after.

29 August drawing meditation

No new insights from the tree-meditation today. I think it developed a little more, but didn’t really change. It was a slightly weird experience as our neighbour was in the garden next door. Hard to focus on being a tree when there are humans around that you feel you perhaps ought to be talking to…